BT4.1 Clip-on Bluetooth earphone / Receiver RB-S3

-15% BT4.1 Clip-on Bluetooth earphone / Receiver RB-S3

Brand: Remax

2. Model: RB-S3

3. Type: Clip on Bluetooth Headset

4. Bluetooth model: 4.1

5. Color: Black White

6. Compatible: Notebook, Tablet, Cellphone and other devices with bluetooth.    

ลักษณะสินค้า1. Clip on Bluetooth Headset, fashion and practical. 2. Bluetooth 4.1, signal stability, remote transmission. 3. Bluetooth receiver and wired earphone provide pure stereo music. 4. Earphone give your ear comfortable feeling, when you're running, it is not easy to fall down. 5. With 3.5mm port, you can connect it to other devices. 6. Hands-Free function, and can control the phone to take a photo.



  • จำนวนการดู: 859
  • ผู้ผลิต: Remax by CSC
  • รหัส/รุ่น: 33RECSCRBS3
  • ฿890.00บาท
  • ฿757.00บาท